Online Store, eCommerce website, e-shop site

The task of any Online Store is the sale of product or products. The Online Stores developed by us cope with this task on all of 100%. After all, we put in it exclusively Modern Web Technologies:

  • we adapt the website for mobile devices, various gadgets and browsers;
  • adding search module on the website, through which any user easily can find the right product;
  • adding products filter, which simplifies searching of product by characteristics;
  • we integrate the site analytics system for analyzing user actions;
  • we integrate Online payment systems for purchase by credit card or payment in the terminal;
  • User Friendly administrative control panel for Content Management System and editing the products;
  • Search Engine Optimization, thanks to which our sites are easily promoted to the top positions of search engines;
  • Adding SSL certificate, which is a guarantee of the reliability of the website and increases the trust of the user to the website.

The Online Store can bring money from the first day. In addition, unlike a regular store, there is no need to spend money on rent. By the way, every day Internet users are becoming more and more. After all, in this case, there is no need to spend time searching for a particular product in stores, when it can be found and ordered within 5 minutes, just using a couple of mouse clicks and a keyboard.

During all our work, we have been creating and supporting Online Stores of varnishes, perfumes, clothes and shoes, bags, linens, children's goods and toys, books, vegetarian products, electronics and appliances, fishing gear and accessories, furniture and doors, auto parts, sporting goods, ceramic tiles and plumbing, bathroom accessories, pizza and sushi, gadgets, etc.

The development of an Online Store is essentially similar to the development of a promo website, with some exceptions: its functionality will be more difficult and accordingly the development time will be longer.

Let's clarify what includes in the turnkey development of Online Store from us:

Attractive design, which will be remember by the user

The design is choose or developed in an individual color scheme based on the corporate palette of the logo or colors and shades described in the TD (Technical Documentation).

Content Management System (CMS) based on Magento or pure PHP of custom development

We choose an exclusively suitable system by the requirements based on TD. In addition, the systems what we choose and configure have latest versions, thereby increasing security and protection against hacking.

Demonstrative fill the content for visibility

Up to 10 main pages and products.

Installing a set of plug-ins or modules

Basic or extended based on TD or development of plug-ins/modules by the requirements based on TD. For example:

    • Slider on homepage
    • Bestsellers
    • Category tree
    • Site search
    • Call back order
    • One click purchase (quick order, fast order)
    • Compare of Products
    • Wish list
    • Social networks buttons Share
    • Purchase history
    • Online payment
    • Online assistant widget
    • Multilanguage
    • Multicurrency
    • Recommended products
    • Feedback tab
    • Product's video
    • One step checkout
    • Opportunity of Installment payments or Parts payment

Search Engine Optimization of website pages

For simplifying search engines like Google and Yandex for better to see your website.

Connecting Google analytics and/or Yandex metrics

To analyze users: where did they come from, what pages visited and how long they stayed on the website.

Hosting configuration, installing SSL certificate

For each system there's need to make some set up, without which the site will be loaded very slowly, this may include: caching, RAM size and other limits.

If possible, we also installing certificate, which shows users that website is safe. Search engines also trust such websites with certificate.

Warranty - 3 months for our work

Our clients and we are satisfied with our Online Stores. You can make sure of this by reading our exclusively Real Reviews.